HoloTour is a virtual travel app that launched with the first version of Microsoft HoloLens.

We combined 360 degree video with 3D photogrammetry environments and spatial sound to create totally immersive, photo-real recreations of popular travel destinations. I was involved in both the capturing and post production of this ambitious app, which involved managing and compositing massive amounts of video. We shot on location using a custom 3D-printed camera rig outfitted with twelve GoPros – read more about the capturing process in this case study. HoloTour was later ported to Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets for an even more immersive experience.


Capture & Creation Case Study


Below are two short documentaries I edited from our collection of behind-the-scenes footage shot during the capture trips. “World Explorer” was the working title for HoloTour. Good Science was the name of our studio.